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The definitive mobile support is called LINKER, a product belonging to FOREFINGER

Ilunion Group participates in the Forefinger project


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Proactively envisioned multimedia based
expertise and cross-media growth strategies.

Our handling and assembly process is carried out by companies of GRUPO ILUNION, from our beginning we are  betting on equal opportunities for all people and fair trade, giving work to all people.

This is something very important for us and it is something that we will not stop doing

The Spanish group ONCE is very present in Forefinger, on the one hand because thanks to them the Madrid company managed to contact Matricería Yuncos in Toledo, who are in charge of the injection of the plastic of the piece. And on the other because ILUNION Group workers are responsible for the system assembly.

The ILUNION group is the one that assembles the pieces in a perfect way and we are proud to be able to count on them in this Spanish adventure. We only hope to grow to give even more work to people with disabilities.

FOREFINGER 300 DESARROLLOS S.L. It is a Madrid firm that intends to market the Spain brand inside and outside our borders. The drivers of this instrument recognize that its uses are unimaginable and that everyone who has the FOREFINGER system will discover a new function every day depending on his needs.

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